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Afrogamer is a community of gamers and gaming activists that believe in the value of video games not only as form of entertainment but as an advanced effective learning tool and spectator sport. The mission of afrogamer is to provide high quality supplementary gaming content in the form of written guides, video tutorials and media aggregation. Afrogamer hold at its core the belief that anyone can be, not only proficient, but superior at the game of their choice if they are willing to embrace fundamental principals of competitive gaming. This fundamentals of gaming are explored and reexplored in the material published on the site.

The games of most interest are those game which are most popular and lucrative. These are the games for which the majority of our energies are focused but feel free to contact us with requests on any video game and we will see what we can do to get expert at that game to create some content that we can then publish on this site.

TAG (Team AfroGamer) is the official eSports team of afrogamer.com and is currently under construction and recruiting talent for Dota II, League of Legends and Hearthstone.